Civil Wedding

Civil Weddings often need a different approach to a Church Wedding for a number of reasons such as tighter time constraints. This need not make the impact of having a Piper any less impressive. In fact some venues can make a spectacular setting for a Piper at your wedding. Again it is best to contact Graham to discuss how to get the best effect from a Piper on your special day. Graham can also offer advise on what tunes are permitted for submission at a Civil Ceremony.

Using a Piper at a Civil Wedding needn't be that much different from using a Piper at a Church Wedding. Creating an atmosphere by playing a few tunes before the ceremony is due to start is a great idea and playing the Bride down the aisle has just as much impact as if it were in a church. Leading the Bride and Groom from the ceremony to the drinks reception also works very well. 

The Piper leading the Bride and Groom into the Wedding Breakfast is a moment that you will remember forever..Just fantastic!

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